Lauren Strange is a singer-songwriter from Music City USA – a.k.a. Nashville, Tennessee. She started off writing and performing country-western songs, and she was recognized for her work. In 2010, her debut EP, The Strange EP, was awarded First Place in the American Songwriting Lyric Contest (March/April 2010), and it received honors and recognition at the Grand Prize Award in the 2010 John Lennon International Songwriting Contest – Country Category.

Despite her success in country music, she has refocused her sights to alternative rock on her latest effort, the “Say Yes” single / “7”, which was released last week. Backed by the Pretty Killers, Strange has adopted a sound that belongs in the ’80s and ’90s. Take for instance the first track from record, “Johnny”, whose opening rift is a cross between Radiohead’s “Just” from The Bends and Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away” before delving into a southern-rock sound. “Runnerhas that power rock feel of the ’80s, such as Heart. “Say Yes” echoes of The Juliana Hatfield Three and best displays the witty songwriting that helped Strange achieve recognition.

You can purchase the “Say Yes” single on her Bandcamp site, iTunes, and eMusic. You can also hear it below. Strange’s backup band, the Pretty Killers, consists of Harrison McClain (guitar), Adam Reszenski (drums), and Chad Rogers (bass).

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Photography by Ambre Rogue Photograph.

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