I am really more of a photographer than I am a writer. My concert reviews are usually light on words and heavy on photos, but I arrived too late to get a good spot for Jenn Grant so I just took some photos from the back of the room. Unfortunately a bit too far for the equipment I had with me that night. I only have one photo I think is pretty good, but I wanted to talk about the show and Jenn Grant anyway.

I first saw Jenn Grant in 2011 at the legendary Black Sheep Inn. Up until that night I was sort of on the fence but after seeing her perform live I was won over. I have been a fan ever since. As she mentioned this time, she has family in Ottawa, so she likes to play here. We are blessed to have her play her 1-2 times every year. I try to go to as many of the shows as I can.

Jenn is an extremely personable performer. It is impossible to see Jenn Grant perform and not be won over by her. I love that we get to see her in small intimate settings as it is in these settings that her wonderful and playful personality can truly shine. I am sure she will be playing to bigger audiences soon, she certainly deserves it. In the meantime I will eat up every chance I get to see her in smaller intimate settings like the NAC Fourth Stage or the Black Sheep Inn. Well come to think of it, I’m not sure why she isn’t already playing the NAC Studio or Theatre since she’s playing two nights at the Fourth Stage. Those would also be excellent spots for her.

Jenn Grant treated the audience to six “new” songs from her great new album Compostela, and of course a sprinkling of other favourites.

If you have not seen Jenn Grant perform live yet, you must. Lucky for you, you will likely get another chance before too long since she’s a regular visitor!

Here is my one photo from the show.


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