Have you noticed that a lot of current indie bands seem to have animal themed names? Fleet Foxes? Band of Horses? Grizzly Bear? Deerhunter? Well, those are some of the bands that brought Chicago’s Rick Schlude, Ido Moskovich, Zane Muller and Matt Kaufman together to form the appropriately named Zookeeper, shortened to ZKPR. Today, ZKPR release their first EP, Tall Men With Feelings, which was produced by Neil Strauch who has worked with Andrew Bird and The National among many others.

Check out two tracks off of Tall Men With Feelings below. “Otter Rock Cafe” which is a swingin’ indie rocker with some awesome heavy bass. Along with “Sierra Nevada” which is another great rocker that recalls some of those great early Kings of Leon tracks.


Featured Photo by Stanislav Golovchuk

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