We have a mystery band on our hands that goes by the name of hd hausmann. We don’t have much information on this artist. What we do know is that they are from the UK and that it is a collaboration effort with multiple artists and that’s about it.  Maybe the name is in lowercase letters to make a point that the music is the focus, not the artist or band.

Maybe the name is an alias, maybe hd hausmann would play at an unsuspecting live gig and if you showed up and everyone was in attendance, you would be pleasantly surprised. Maybe it’s just a talented guy making music with a bunch of his cool musician friends and we should just leave it at that.

The track “an island without” was posted over thanksgiving week and it really is a lovely piece of alt/folk/noise pop that includes memorable supporting/background vocals. The song seems to focus on the loss of a relationship or just something missing in life. At the very least, we are intrigued to hear what hd hausmann comes up with in the future.

The only other track posted by hd hausmann is titled “in dreams” and it is a wonderful acoustic based track.  Maybe one day we will be able to get a Q&A and have an opportunity to ask a few questions for the motivation and inspiration behind the music. For now, we will just post the song – let it sit here and we can all wonder together who hd hausmann really is.

The only link for hd hausmann so far is on soundcloud:
hd hausmann


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