Lady Lamb The Beekeeper’s 2013 record Ripely Pine was one of our favorite records of 2013, and while 2014’s list rolls on, Lady Lamb just released some details about her upcoming record After, which will is a likely candidate for our 2015 list. After will be released on March 3rd 2015, on Mom+Pop records, and be her second proper LP release.  Ahead of the upcoming record, Lady Lamb has shared “Billions of Eyes” which will be on After.  “Billions of Eyes” is poppier than most tracks on Ripely Pine, it’s a lot more like “Rooftop” than “Regarding Ascending The Stairs” but that’s not a bad thing at all. Lady Lamb’s unabashed approach to songwriting is front-and-center on “Billions of Eyes”, she sings about wanting to fall into a pile of laundry, and barely making a train. Check it out, pre-order After, and also grab the excellent Live At The Knitting Factory 4-track EP on her website. Oh, and she’s offering a pretty sweet knit hat for early pre-orders!

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper – After
01. Vena Cava
02. Billions of Eyes
03. Violet Clementine
04. Heretic
05. Sunday Shoes
06. Spat Out Spit
07. Penny Licks
08. Dear Arkansas Daughter
09. Milk Duds
10. Ten
11. Batter
12. Atlas


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