Canadian/Swedish singer-songwriter Sarah MacDougall recently released a stirring, brilliant new track, “I Want to See the Light (Lost from Our Eyes)”. The indie-folk track echoes the sound and magnetism found on Marta Pacek‘s terrific Voodoo Dolls False Alarms and the alluring qualities of Orenda Fink’s Blue Dream.

“I Want to See the Light” is the first single from MacDougall’s forthcoming third album, Grand Canyon. The album reflects MacDougall’s experiences in Whitehorse. As she writes:

“The themes on the record are inspired by my own experiences, by people around me and the landscapes I am surrounded by. I worked part time in a residential home for youth-at-risk and their stories permeate this record as well. I get inspired by how much it takes to live an inspired life despite all the chaos and struggles around us. Sometimes it takes realizing how small we all are to feel like you are big. Living around mountains and under dark starry skies can really put things in perspective. You realize what’s worth focusing on in this short life. We’re gonna be gone tomorrow. That is kind of what this album is about. And it’s also about dancing, despite of everything.

Grand Canyon is due out on February 24. MacDougall, who is originally from Sweden, has a PledgeMusic campaign underway to help finance the project, and donators can gain exclusive features in addition to receiving the album. You can find the campaign here.

MacDougall will be going on tour across Canada in February and March. You can find dates on her website.

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Sarah MacDougall

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