Last month, we shared the brand new track “Gold” from UK based band Coquin Migale (pronounced Coke-win Mig-ale). They just released their second EP Feel, and based on their new material – this is definitely a band to keep your eye on, especially since they will be supporting PEACE at The Cluny in March.  Coquin Migale is comprised of Alex Soper – Guitar & Vocals, Matthew Wooten – Guitar, Stevie Kane – Bass, and Dan Rawlinson (aka RAWLO) – Drums. I was able to catch up with singer/frontman Alex Soper and ask a few questions.

The Yellow Room EP was great, but for me there is a huge progression in your sound after listening to the stellar track “Gold”. Is this a new direction for Coquin Migale?

AS: Thanks for kind words Wendy, yeah man, The FEEL EP is a genuine game changer for us, personally. We’re absolutely buzzing with it & I think that’s something that gradually faded with the Yellow Room EP. That ain’t to say we aren’t proud of the good old Yellow Room EP, Icarus & Forty Four are pure belterz.

Besides just releasing the new Feel EP – what else is Coquin Migale up to? 

AS: AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME… Coquin Migale are up to gerrin as many people as possible to dig deep into their pockets and BUY OUR FEEL EP. As a whole we’re just trying to spread the word & love as much as possible, we need to get a fucking Migale rebellion on the cards that are willing to follow us & watch us play all over the spectrum. That’s the dream.

So how did you come about recording the “unofficial” video for Forty Four? It’s brilliant.

AS: Excuse me Wendy, that is the official video, what’s wrong with it?!?!!

NAH, myself & Matthew were in our cosy abode & and felt the need to have some visuals for our favourite track from The Yellow Room… So we downloaded ‘VIDEOSTAR’ on the app store for FREE and spent the next 3 1/2 hours constructing the perfect music video.

I’m hoping one year you will apply to play SXSW sometime so I can see you live. Do you ever fancy making it across the pond one day?

AS: Is that a snowboarding event or a snowboarding game? I know it’s one of them? Oh Matthew has just shouted over from the other sofa and said “It’s South by South West ” – he’s far more festival cultured than me.

ALSO, can we get a shout out to our new drummer RAWLO please? He’s an absolute session machine, make sure you put that! RAWLO, RAWLO.

I just posted my year in review for 2014 with some of my favorite bands/albums. Which albums made an impact on you mates this year? 

AS: Ok, this is a biggy, you ready?!

Sun Structures – Temples
So Long, See You Tomorrow – Bombay Bicycle Club
Metronomy – Love Letters
Only Human – Cheryl
Listen – The Kooks
This Is All Yours – Alt-J
Big Fat Lie – Nicole Scherzinger
Don’t Say That – Superfood
Rari Workout – Lethal Bizzle
Present Tense – Wild Beasts
Carry on the Grudge – Jamie T
The Hum – Hookworms

Based on Alex’s taste in music alone, I do believe if I could see them live someday, we would get along swell. You can check out FEEL on Spotify or better yet instead of buying a Starbucks coffee today, support this band and buy their FEEL EP on i-tunes

Feel is a fitting title for this EP. Soper’s sweetly executed vocals mix well with airy and tight guitar work throughout. FEEL does accomplish it’s goal and evokes positive emotions after repeated listens. I will definitely be going back to this EP throughout the year.  Gold, Paris and Socotra are all solid tracks, but Gold is damn near perfect which I am including below. Interlude is a great jam sesh highlighting RAWLO’s drumming skills and quick guitar work from Soper and Wooten. If you dig Coquin Migale – follow these lads, buy their EP and most importantly tell a friend. 

Facebook: Coquin Migale

Twitter: @CoquinMigale

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