Formed in Rouen, France but with roots also in the UK, Mannequins is the latest arrival on the burgeoning French indie scene. Last month, they released their debut album, Worthless, a compilation filled with hook-laden, indie rock tunes. With a touch of Interpol, the sounds of Scottish bands like Glasvegas and The Twilight Sad, and the early days of Toronto’s “Tokyo Police Club”, Mannequins have put together a really good album.

For most of the album, Worthless is explosive from start to finish that is only interrupted in the middle by the melodic ballad, “Until the Moon Comes Down”. Otherwise, it is non-stop fun that brings back flashes of the youthful rock of the 1990s and for the better part of the 2000s.

Mannequins aren’t reinventing indie rock, but instead they’re taking elements of influential bands and musicians to create music that just grabs your attention. For instance, the delayed guitar sound that you might hear from The Edge or on a Glasvegas number resonates throughout most of the album, such as on the edgy rocker “Clocks”, the euphoric and fun “Hang Up Calls”, and the energetic “Dawns”. Catchy, punk-pop tunes also fill the album, from the buzzy opening track, “Yesterday” to the album’s final two songs, “Shaking Hands with the Devil and “Red Corvette”.

Worthless is relatively brisk, tracking in around 30 minutes for 9 songs, but it’s one that likely will have you hitting repeat. You can find out for yourself if this is the case, as you can download the album on their Bandcamp site, either for free or leaving a contribution to express your appreciation for their work.

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