Earlier this year, Dream Boat produced one of the dreamiest albums with their otherwordly space-folk album, The Rose Explodes. Following suit with their own expansive, dream-pop sound is Liu Bei. With a handful of singles released this year, the London quintet’s music is one that belongs on film and could be the soundtrack of any love story.

Their approach and sound are a cross between the dream-folk of St. Catherine, Ontario’s Dallas Green (a.k.a. City in Colour) and L.A.’s dream-pop duo Rhye. Their split 7″ consisting of “Atlas World” and “Infatuation” are gorgeous, spine-tingling numbers with the latter that aches with the pain of one who lost someone.

In October, they released their three-single EP, Goodness. Their title track has a teen-pop feel with its anthemic pop. “Fields”, which features Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, is hauntingly beautiful that strikes to the centre of one’s heart. “Knotweed” sees the band take a slightly different approach – stuttering, downtempo beats that is more ambient than dream-pop. It’s a good change-of-pace from their previous singles and introduces a potentially new sound for the band.

Liu Bei are Aaron Graham, Dan Joyce, Matt Reynolds, PJP, and Richard Walters. Follow them on the regular social sites. You can hear some of their music on Soundcloud and pick up Goodness on their Bandcamp site. The tracks, including the EP, can be heard below. Looking forward to hearing what this London band has next in store.

Website – http://liubeiwins.com/
Facebook – Liu Bei Music
Twitter – @liubeiwins



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