Under the guidance of founder, director, and composer Kenji Williams, New York’s Bella Gaia is a multi-instrumental ensemble that makes music that can be simply be described as inspiring and mesmerizing. It’s music that combines the alluring fantasy of Enya with the spiritual dreaminess of Enigma. Like these artists, Bella Gaia attempts to demonstrate how nature and humanity are interconnected, and how art and science are not competing subjects but complementary elements of our world.

To be fully immersed in the Bella Gaia experience, one must see their live performances first hand. Combining audio and visual effects including images taken from space by NASA, Bella Gaia show how our actions affect all of the Earth’s ecosystems and species. As the ensemble writes on their website:

Scientific research suggests that our neurochemistry opens the door to cognitive learning through emotional and right-brain engagement, and without creating this deeper, memorable experience, the human brain does not learn. Humans absorb what they feel not what they are taught, and this is what drives action. After one Bella Gaia show, NASA funded survey results show a 90% conversion rate in audiences reporting a greater understanding of our earth, and a more than doubling in the response of people who feel a more personal relationship with the Earth in their personal lives. (31% -> 64%).

BELLA GAIA captures the Overview Effect*, using satellite imagery of Earth, time lapses, cultural heritage footage, NASA data visualizations, dance, and an award-winning customized musical score to present a spectacular journey around the planet that illuminates the connections between natural systems and human activities through an immersive storytelling method threaded by an orbiting flight path from the International Space Station.

Even if you cannot attend one of their live shows, their music is worth having in any music lover’s collection. The thirteen-track Beautiful Earth – which clocks in at 1 hour, 13 minutes – is stunningly beautiful. The album can be purchased at the Bella Gaia store, iTunes, and Amazon. The albums features the fantastic Kristin Hoffman, who was one of the first artists featured on The Revue. Four of the tracks are below.

Website – http://www.bellagaia.com/
Facebook – Bella Gaia
Twitter – @BellaGaia

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