It’s probably not a coincidence that Dublin’s Paul Mangan took on the moniker Clockwork Orchestra. With an approach that crosses between Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant yet maniacal A Clockwork Orange, the bravado of Ariel Pink and Richard Swift, and the punching electronica of Devo, Mangan has created an equally bizarre yet fun, whimsical, and zany album with A Fish for a Heart. Even on his Twitter page, Mangan’s slogan is, “Strange music by a strange man.”

The opening track, “Generator Girls”, welcomes the listener to Mangan’s world of buzzing synths, keys, and interesting lyrics. “Thoughtful Thieves” is like listening to a childhood fable about thieves in the night, but one made for adults.

“Puddle Fishing” is arguably the most interesting and innovative track. Combining strings, flute, and synths, the track gives a sense that one is in the Medieval Ages film but one that is directed by Mel Brooks. Afterwards, the middle tracks take us back to the ’80s with dawdling of synths and keys, but the quirky lyrics remain. It’s Devo reincarnated.

“The Beginning Could be the End”, though, goes is wide range of directions – from a carnival atmosphere to rock to 80s electronic pop to even a touch of prog rock. It’s quite the whirlwind of a journey. “Squeak’s Intervention” is more of a psychedelic journey and I mean like spinning around inside a kaleidoscope. For that matter, the whole album is a kaleidoscope.

A Fish for a Heart isn’t the most accessible album, but it’s extremely creative, quirky, and strangely engaging. You can check out the album below as well as purchase it on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

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Twitter – @ClockworkOrch

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