I have been following UK’s To Kill A King (TKAK) for quite a while. I can actually thank them for getting me turned onto Sofar Sounds Austin as they were promoting playing with Sofar during SXSW last year. Although I did not get to see them play at a Sofar gig,  I did get to see them open for Bastille last April and their live set really blew me away. You could call them folk almost, but then to see them live they really do have a great rock element going on and pretty amazing harmonies. Ralph has a stellar live voice and they do really get the crowd going. They released Cannibals with Cutlery in 2013 and the album has some stellar tracks like “Cold Skin”, “Wolves” and “Funeral”.

I would love to do a Q&A with these guys one day, but I’m pretty sure their fame has already surpassed answering questions from a small little blogger like me.

So far, TKAK has always excelled in their video releases and the release for their new track “Love is Not Control” is worth a share. “Love is Not Control” is a new song that will appear on their newest self-titled album which will be released on 3/2/15. I  also hope they can make it over the pond again so I can check out some of their songs from the new album live and in person.

If you dig harmonious folk inspired rock, you will probably enjoy To Kill A King.

Website: http://tokillaking.co.uk/

Facebook: To Kill A King

Twitter: @ToKillAKing

You Tube: To Kill A King

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