I have been following Made Violent for a while now and each single they end up releasing stays in rotation on my popular playlists.  The trio are from Buffalo, NY and started officially playing as Made Violent toward the end of 2013 and are definitely ones to watch. Their short description on Facebook reads “WORLD FAMOUS AMERICAN ROCK BAND” and I am pretty confident that Made Violent will garner a larger and very enthusiastic fan base in the coming months. I was so excited to finally get a Q&A with them.

Made Violent has stayed up north touring locally aside from a small UK tour last year so I was very excited to see them show up on the SXSW Festival list this year.


Made Violent is Joe White on bass and vocals, Rob Romano on guitar and vocals and Justin Acee on drums. The first track I heard from them was ‘Dirty’ and I continued to keep my eye on all new material from these guys.

If you enjoy The Strokes or any other really great post-punk bands, you will definitely dig Made Violent. The boys were nice enough to answer a few questions for me.

Ever since I heard “Dirty” I have been hooked on you guys. I need more Made Violent in my life. Your post on Facebook of “Keep Yo Eyes Peeled” must mean new stuff coming soon? <fingers crossed anyway>

We’re pleased to announce our self-titled EP comes out February 24th on Startime International / Columbia Records.

How were your gigs overseas? Do you guys hope to head back to the UK later this year?

We had a blast headlining the Old Blue Last in London. It was wild to have support so far away from home. We are definitely hoping to be back this year.

Who mainly posts on your twitter account? I want to say thanks because they keep me entertained.

Joe posts quite a bit, but all three of us make appearances every now and then.

I am so excited you guys are playing South By – I can finally see you live. Are you ready for tons of BBQ and Lone Star Beer? Can I really pay you in McDonald’s Arch Cards for a t-shirt? haha.


It’s very exciting to get the chance for Made Violent to go to Texas. I’m ready to barbecue, myself. I want to be secreting Lone Star. I’ve had the pleasure of sipping a couple before. Pretty nice….and yes, any and all payment in the form of McDonald’s is acceptable.

In terms of your creative process – do you guys collectively work together when creating your songs or do you each have specific roles?

We each come forward with ideas and work on them together to create the final product.

You guys sound like you have been playing for years but in terms of a band, you are fairly new. Is that from playing together and knowing each other for a while before starting MV or do you guys all share the same vision and goal and it just falls into place?

It’s a little bit of both. Playing together before definitely left us wanting more. It helped craft our drive for success.

The festival lines ups have started coming out – is there a band or artist you guys are excited about hearing from or seeing in 2015?

Would love to see Ryan Adams… There’s really not a lot out there tickling our fancies right now.

As I was formulating this post they of course announced their EP release and also premiered their newest track “On My Own” last Friday. With every song released by Made Violent, I can’t find one that I don’t really enjoy. I most definitely will be sharing my thoughts on their live set in March, and here are my favorite tracks from them which include their newest single release of “On My Own”. Their self-titled EP will be out February 24th. 

Website: www.madeviolent.com

Facebook: Made Violent

Twitter: @madeviolentband


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