tctmThe Lone Bellow are a band of incredibly talented and passionate musicians. Their live shows are known for their positive energy and raw passion.  The three driving forces in The Lone Bellow, Guitarist and vocalist Zach Williams, the multi-talented Kanene Pipkin, and guitarist Brian Elmquist create an incredible experience everytime they play music together.  Then Came The Morning is these three at their best, under the guidance of The National’s Aaron Dessner, who seems to have quite the magic touch when it comes to producing.

Then Came The Morning is a great mix of folk, rock, blues, and even a little indie.  Immediately, the listener will be drawn to the incredible harmonies these three create from the beginning seconds of the opening title track, “Then Came The Morning”.  The first three tracks are gorgeous folk-influenced music, Williams’ voice is absolutely incredible, hitting and holding some impressive notes in “Marietta”. Then we get to the energetic “Take My Love” which is where this album takes a great turn, driving drums, pedal steel and reverb laden guitar that recalls Dessner’s work with the National take this track to another level.  Pipkin takes her turn on lead vocals on “Call to War”, arguably the most beautiful track on an album that’s full of beauty.

Now with all the beauty I’ve talked about, it’s time to get a little gritty with some bar room brawl blues rock. “Heaven Don’t Call Me Home” is an awesome toe-tapping rocker with an awesome call and response part between Elmquist and the other members of the band.  The next track, “If You Don’t Leave Me” has an awesome, almost Zeppelin-esque groove. The penultimate track, “Cold As It Is” is another toe-tapper, bluesy rock and roll that’s full of soul.  The album comes to a close with the heartbreaking “I Let You Go”, where it’s just the three of them singing over a perfect amount of keys, guitars and drums.

The Lone Bellow have been one of the most amazing live bands to check out in the last couple of years.  Their love for what they do, and their incredible positive energy always shines through.  The same can  be said about this record, Then Came The Morning. Each song on this record has a story, and each song has a feeling.  Be sure to get your hands on Then Came The Morning on January 27. Until then, you can stream it here.

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Featured Photo Credit: Stephen Sebring

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