I have huge respect for the blues and especially for how much it has influenced some of the great rock and roll pioneers and even current bands we love today. I grew up in a household where thankfully rock n’ roll was shared heavily along with blues influences such as BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Muddy Waters (Thanks Dad!). I enjoy a myriad of different genres and it’s only fitting I cover a great but not very well known current blues rock band that I have an appreciation for.

Tomas Doncker has been sharing his soulful guitar playing talent to the world since the 1980s and brings an impressive collaboration between his band and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa on Big Apple Blues, which was released last fall. The two collaborated together on Big Apple Blues and they also worked together on the previously released The Mercy Suite. 

The Tomas Doncker Band

The Tomas Doncker band is from New York City (Brooklyn to be exact) and includes an impressive line up. The band is comprised of Tomás Doncker-Lead Vocals,Guitars, David Barnes-Harmonica,Vocals, Nick Rolfe-Keyboards,Vocals, Josh David-Bass,Vocals, James Dellatacoma-Guitar, Mike Faulkner-Drums, Mac Gollehon-Horns, Alan Grubner-Strings

If you are ever in the mood to hear some really great blues rock, look no further. Big Apple Blues as a whole provides everything one needs to wet their blues appetite including solid but soulful vocals, awesome guitar solos, powerful horns, impressive harmonica skills, and of course those blues infected keyboards.

The 10-track album is solid throughout with powerhouse singles like “Big Apple Blues” and “Can’t Say No”. There are also a few more serious and slower tracks like “The New Day” and “Coney Island”  which includes some subtle but lovely harmonica accompaniment by Barnes. The track “Hellfighters of Harlem” highlights some of Komunyakaa’s poetic talent.

All in all if you are in the mood for blues, the Tomas Doncker Band and their release of Big Apple Blues will do the trick. The album is available for purchase on i-Tunes.

I’m sharing their title track “Big Apple Blues” and “The New Day”

Website: www.tomasdoncker.net

Facebook: Tomas Doncker Band

Twitter: @tomasdoncker

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