Come Together Boys, the newest single by indie artist Blue Blue Satellite is not only beautifully haunting, but very engaging both musically and lyrically.

Come together boys!
Join the battle boys!
Horses saddled boys!
Hear the battle noise!
We’re defined by the way the way that we stand and we fall
Compromise catches up to the best of us all
Twist the knife while my back’s to the wall
Scales fell from my eyes as I looked to the skies
I was frightened no more of the fear
And these are the songs that I hear

A little more than two years after the release of his debut album, The Learning Days, Blue Blue Satellite is back in the studio recording tracks for his sophomore album If By Now. This time around, however, the Toronto-raised, Ottawa-based singer-songwriter opted for something different than a standard CD release party. He’s decided on a track-by-track digital release of the new album. The first single, Annabella, was released in September 2014. The second single, Come Together Boys, was released in early January 2015.

I met up with the artist last summer during a recording session with Dean Watson at Gallery Studios in Ottawa. Here’s my interview.


Listen to the singles:


To find out more about Blue Blue Satellite and for updates on upcoming track releases:

Facebook: BlueBlueSatellite




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