Pond, The Perth, Australia psychedelic band, is making a statement with their latest release – Man It Feels Like Space Again.  Pond shares members with that other little Perth-based band, Tame Impala.  However, this should not be looked at as a side project. Tame Impala is Kevin Parker’s musical outlet, and Pond, likewise, belongs creatively to Nick Allbrook and Jay Watson.  Pond is already six albums in and not showing any signs of letting up.

Their latest effort is a trippy, space-rock marvel that pulls inspiration from multiple sources.  You can hear the obvious influences of The Beatles, but you also get a heaping douse of T. Rex, Bowie, Prince, and Spiritualized. The album and its title even seems to make direct homage to Spiritualized’s masterpiece Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space.

The first track, “Waiting Around For Grace”, is a perfect lead in and introduces the more focused but still at times spastic pop orientation of this album. Even with its high pitched vocals and liberal dousing of synth, it is a still psychedelic glam at its core. The next tune, “Elvis’ Flaming Star”, is probably the most adventurous sounding on the album feeling like the love child of Prince and MGMT.

The album seems slightly front loaded at first but finds very solid middle ground with the uber-chill “Sitting Up On A Crane”.  This is classic space rock with spacey lyrics, such as: It always feels the same when we’re up high/’Cos I feel like I fall and die.

Outside of sharing members and hailing from the same city, this is a very different affair than anything Tame Impala has done. This album shares more with with MGMT & Foxygen then it does with its touring band. The end result is a fun, jamming, eccentric, nostalgic gem that pulls from the best inspirations. Man It Feels Like Space Again is out now and can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon.




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