North Carolina’s MC Taylor, also known as Hiss Golden Messenger released one of the best albums of 2014, Lateness of Dancers.  This was a true breakout record, garnering near-unanimous praise from blogs and magazines from all over the music world as well as a performance on David Letterman that impressed even Mr. Letterman.  On February 3, Hiss Golden Messenger will release a three-track EP, Southern Grammar.

The name Southern Grammar may be familiar; it’s the same name as one of the best tracks on Lateness of Dancers.  On this EP, they shake things up and feature a fantastic live version of the title track, which shows off just how good the band – Taylor and his partner-in-crime Scott Hirsch – truly are, and why you need to experience them live.

“He Wrote The Book” was an omission from Lateness of Dancers, but thankfully it’s found a real release on Southern Grammar. It’s a gorgeous track, full of beauty and feeling. Coincidentally, the third track, “Brother, Do You Know The Road”, shares a lyric with “He Wrote The Book”, and Taylor said he didn’t realize it until they were putting together this EP. It’s an interesting story between two tracks that almost never got released.

“And though the storm’s passed over
And the sun is in its place
It’s been a long time
And the rain, how I know it

“Sometimes that feels just about as close to a summation of the HGM philosophy as I can get at. And this is the first and only time that I have ever shared words between two songs.”  (Merge)

Pick up Southern Grammar from Merge on February 3 and connect with Hiss Golden Messenger below:

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