It’s no secret that I’m a big wrestling fan, as I’ve written some pieces about the use of music in wrestling in the past. It shouldn’t be a surprise I’m totally stoked for The Mountain Goats’ upcoming record, Beat The Champ, a record that follows a professional wrestling theme. Last week, they shared “The Legend of Chavo Guerrero”, named after one of the brothers from the famed Guerrero wrestling family.  This is a great little indie rocker with lyrics that would make any wrestling fan “mark out”, referencing other members of the Guerrero family. It reminds me of why I love watching this crazy sport. It’s fun to cheer for your favorite guy, and John Darnielle sings “you let me down, but Chavo never once did”.

The new album, Beat the Champ, will be released on April 7 on Merge Records.



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