San Francisco rockers Two Gallants have established a reputation for creating infectious southern and garage rock and indie folk since their formation in 2002. After their third and arguably best album, Two Gallants, Adam H. Stephens and Tyson Vogel decided to take some time off, splitting for five years before returning in 2012 with The Bloom and the Blight. On Tuesday, they’ll release album number five, We Are Undone. The team gives their thoughts on the album, which can be pre-ordered at Two Gallants’ Store, ATO Records, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.



I’m not super familiar with Two Gallants but after listening to a smattering of songs from past albums, I do believe that their self titled album was pretty great. With We are Undone, I hear a lot more of a 90s garage or grunge rock vibe which for myself is never bad, it feels like something I could have grown up with and completely rocked out to. There is a pretty stark difference in the first half vs. the last half of the album. My favorite tracks are “Incidental”, “Fools Like Us”, and “Invitation to the Funeral” from the first section. “Some Trouble” is almost a blues rock influenced track which is also great. The last five songs are definitely slower paced aligning with a bit more of their previous work except for “Murder the Season/The Age Nocturne” as it has its explosive rock moments. In terms of songwriting and emotional connections, I really enjoyed “There’s So Much I Don’t Know” and the piano was a nice touch. All in all, I enjoyed this album so it is a thumbs up for me. I will be spinning We Are Undone again and spending more time catching up with their previous albums as well and hoping to catch them live sometime.



I’ve followed Two Gallants for a few years, dating back to when they released their self-titled album. When they went on hiatus, I was disappointed as it seemed they were hitting their stride. When they returned in 2012, I was excited but disappointed by The Bloom and The Blight. So when hearing that they had a new album coming out, I was hesitant to give it a listen. To my pleasant surprise, it seems the duo has found their niche, their sweet spot. We Are Undone is almost like two EPs. The first half, which is by far the best half, is full of gritty, very good garage rockers. The title track, “Incidental”, and “Fools Like Us” are made for live performances. “Invitation to the Funeral” is a fantastic dark, moody number while “Some Trouble” drips with early Black Keys.  The back half of the album is o.k., as the tempo slows down considerably to more folk and folk-rock numbers. However, the slow burner, “Murder the Season/The Age Nocturne” is pretty awesome. A thumbs up from me. Hopefully, this is the start of great things to come.



Two Gallants

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