Described as “Madonna, Giorgio Moroder, and Suicide’s illegitimate child”, Cassandra is the pet project of San Francisco native Vanessa Robinson, who is joined by her friend and musical life partner Charlemagne Charmaine. Their music is more complex than the description. It’s cinematic and ethereal, dark and otherwordly, and dense without being overbearing. It’s electro-synth pop that is inspired by the innovation and surrealism of Bjork, Sarah Brightman, and Kate Bush and could have been written for a stellar Cirque du Soleil show.

And like the excellence of Cirque du Soleil, Cassandra’s self-titled EP starts off with a dreamy, romantic number, “Belong”. The pace quickens on the pulsating instrumental number, “Trip Too”, which segues into the equally trippy and stunning “Disguise”.

If you need more proof that this EP would be perfect for the Canadian organization’s spectacles, “Dance Again” ends the album with a furious, hypnotic wave of synth and beats as Robinson’s voice cascades over each note. It’s deliriously good track.

Cassandra are playing a handful of shows in the San Francisco/Oakland area. Tour dates are below. These will be the last shows that Robinson and Charmane will play together for the foreseeable future, as Charmane will be moving to Los Angeles. However, Cassandra, as a music project, will continue.

Pick up the EP on Cassandra’s Bandcamp site and follow the band on Facebook.  The EP is below for your listening pleasure.

Tour Dates

Feb. 6: @ the Night Light w/ Kokomo Hum (members of White Cloud, Maus Haus, Muahaha) and Brasil

Feb. 12: @ El Rio w/ Parthuman(members of Tiaras, Fine Steps, Silver Shadows) and Sirena Victima

Feb. 19: Cassandra Tape Release @ Thee Parkside w/ All Your Sisters and Never Know





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