Balancer is a band that exemplifies a lot of what we started doing here on The Revue with Mundo Musique. They’re based in New York now, but their members are from Colombia and Puerto Rico. The three members that make up Balancer – Felipe Piedrahita, Gabriela Jimeno, and Francisco Valentin – create an infectious brand of indie rock with tons of positive energy. They released their debut LP, Tipsoo, last year.

One thing that stood out to me about Balancer when I first listened to them was how full the sound was despite being made up of only three band members. The guitar work is crisp and gorgeous; the vocals are unique; and the drumming is top notch. Just take a listen to “Headfirst” and hear how incredible that build towards the end it. It’s absolutely stunning. And when the vocals kick back in, it’s an incredible moment.

The use of electronics is also perfectly done, especially in “Mount Rainier (Woke Me Up)”, where the track takes a bit of a detour, but through some incredible territory you’re glad you ended up there. It’s hard not to get lost in some of these tracks. “Re-Minder” has some fantastic harmonies; “Under The Same Sky” has a great guitar hook; and “Technicatalyst” soothes you in with its laid back feel.

Tipsoo flew under our radar last year, but I have a feeling Balancer won’t be for much longer. These three musicians are all incredibly talented and passionate. They understand that each note and each instrument can create a unique feeling and they exploit that quite well. Check them out below, and try not to get too lost in Tipsoo.

Purchase Tipsoo at their Bandcamp site, iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.



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