Los Angeles’ Volunteer Dad are relative newcomers. They popped up on a Paisley Shirt Records compilation tape in September. Paisley Shirt Records is also a relatively young label, roughly one year old. Volunteer Dad are a self-described “supergroup” of sorts, both members, Alex Machock and Nate Rogers were both involved with the the label during its short history.  On January 20, Volunteer Dad released Fake British Accent, and it’s a freakin’ awesome listen.

Fake British Accent has what I would describe as a “surrealist nostalgia” vibe to it.  The guitar work and composition recall some great psychedelic and garage rock bands from years past. Even the lyrics and song titles recall some sort of nostalgia. “Vin Scully” is named for the 87-year old Dodgers broadcaster in his 66th year with the team; “Windows ‘98” is named for the operating system. Then there’s “Manson”, a song about the idea of Charles Manson being free in 2014 that almost sounds like a 60’s surf-pop track. The record has some rockers as well like “She’s So Clean” and “New World”, the last two tracks on Fake British Accent. The latter has a bitchin’ ending that will bring you back for more.

Fake British Accent is a great debut release from a band that has lots of promise. The production isn’t anything special, but that gives the record a bit of its charm. It’s a fun listen with a really unique vibe to it. From what I’ve seen and read about Volunteer Dad, they seem to have a lot of fun doing what they do, and it does shine through on Fake British Accent. It’s a perfectly executed eccentric blend of strange and fun. You’ll dig it. Keep an eye on Volunteer Dad and their label, Paisley Shirt Records, in 2015. You can connect with them below.







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