If you follow The Revue, each Friday we do the Mundo List, highlighting some great bands, music, videos, what have you. Today, we’re introducing the Mundo List’s second cousin, Artiste 5. It is a simple concept – we’ve asked artists and bands to submit a list to us of anything they want to write about. They are given full autonomy to write this list. There’s no editing involved, other than formatting.

The inaugural Artiste 5 goes to Rupert Edwards of Melbourne, Australia’s Dick Diver. Edwards along with Alistair McKay, Steph Hughes, and Al Montfort have been together since 2008, playing gigs around Melbourne’s many venues and festivals across the country. The foursome is known for their clever and playful lyrics, unpretentious personas, and outgoing, fun live shows.

Their sophomore album, Calendar Days, was critically acclaimed, recognized by print media and blogs as one of the best Aussie albums of 2013. The Guardian, for instance, named it the Best Australian Album of that year. They’re now getting set to release their third album, Melbourne, Florida, which in some respects is an homage to the US of A and the interplay between Australia and America. The album comes out March 6 in NZ and Australia (pre-order here) and March 10 in North America (pre-order on iTunes and Amazon).

Taking some time out from last-minute fine-tuning, Rupert provided us a list of his five favourite books, which is eclectic and cerebral.

Chris Kraus – I Love Dick
Apart from being funny and tough, this book overturned some of the assumptions I had about ‘art’ that until then I didn’t even know were assumptions.

Gustave Flaubert – Sentimental Education
Flaubert was a pathetic old romantic, so he undercut it by shovelling non-romantic pain onto his characters. The description of being drunk in the sun is excellent, though.

Lorrie Moore – Collected Short Stories
A quote from the book: ‘They had spent over a third of their lives together – a third, like sleep.’

John Forbes – Collected Poems
Along with John Ashbery, my favourite poet. A model citizen.

Theodor Adorno – The Culture Industry
A 20th Century theorist or philosopher from the Frankfurt School. Despair for you cannot hide from!


Dick Diver

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