Today I’m sharing a new video for a really cool electronic driven instrumental track from the international duo Involved. I don’t share a lot of videos unless it’s the only way to share a song, but sometimes the artistic element of a video plus the mood of the song comes together and creates something really cool. The new video for Involved’s “Radiation Leak” is just that so I’m writing a little about it and sharing.

The video for “Radiation Leak” was created by Hidden Shoal’s Cam Merton and is a brooding sci-fi noir set piece featuring ghostly silhouettes wandering through a smoke-filled city of glittering skyscrapers and glassy plazas. What at first seems graceful, peaceful and organised, soon appears menacing, like watching a sleepwalking populace trapped within a futuristic cage.

Involved is an international collaboration of Joe Dorsey (Until Sunrise, Ocean Architecture) and Reivilo Enoignor (Battlestations). They collaborated entirely over the internet and produced their album Revolving Maze in 2013 but was just recently released on Hidden Shoal last fall.

Revolving Maze is a great collection of darker electronic driven tracks that are also soothing in a weird way. I am happy to share the video and I’m also sharing another favorite track from the album titled “Machiavella“. If you dig instrumental tracks that are more on the electronic side, Involved is for you. You can purchase Revolving Maze on their bandcamp site and i-Tunes.


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