Recently, we took a look at “So Slow” from Paperhaus. It was a really cool track that got us interested in hearing what the Washington, D.C. band was cooking up for their self-titled LP, Paperhaus, which is due out on February 10. However, almost instantly, Paperhaus told us to forget anything we learned from the single “So Slow”– this was going to be a real rock and roll journey.

The opening track, “Cairo”, is a killer guitar rocker, featuring a solo with guitar work on par with some of the guys on our Guitar Gods list, most similar to The War on Drugs. The next couple of tracks feature some fantastic vocals. “Untitled” has a bit of an 80s feel to it, and “432” should be used as an example for a perfect slow-build, rock track.

Looking back on my scribbled notes from my first listen, I wrote “righteous jammage” next to “Misery”. Yeah, that crazy statement totally nails the vibe from that track. It’s heavy with a riff that might make even Black Sabbath jealous before it goes into an almost Pink Floyd-esque ending, only a bit heavier. “Surrender” features some of the best guitar work on the record and is up there with “432” on that great slow build list.

The next track is “So Slow”, the seemingly reggae-influenced lead single, followed by a change of pace with “I’ll Send It To You”.  This has some of the best vocals on the record, between the grit of the lead vocals and the great harmonies and even features some horns.  The album comes to a close with a reprise of “Surrender” that ties this record together nicely.

Paperhaus really hits on a lot of different styles and vibes throughout. It really is a fantastic guitar record, with a bunch of great, long jams. Grab a copy of Paperhaus on February 10 (iTunes, Amazon, and likely on their Bandcamp page), then sit back and take in all the righteous jammage this band from Washington, D.C. dishes out.  If you can’t wait, the album is streaming via NPR.




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