It was only a matter of time before we decided to have other people do our work We could have asked our spouses, partners, siblings, parents, or friends, but that would have been too easy (although maybe we’ll do a parents’ list). Instead, we thought we should have our children, nieces, and nephews, or our friends’ kids create the list. It sounded like a good idea at first, but it was too late to change our minds after we realized what we were getting into. So, here are 26 songs as chosen by children under the age of 12, and surprisingly, no one suggested the theme song from Frozen (thank goodness!). We only accept responsibility for conceptualizing the idea of this week’s Mundo List but not for its execution.


Jacob, 5 years old – “I Like to Move It”, from the film Madagascar

Why does Jacob like the song? “Because you can dance crazy to it!” And he’s right. Move those hips people!


Liana, 6 – “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

This is Liana’s favorite song because “it teaches you a lesson about life.” What an answer! We’ll be signing Liana when she reaches 18.


Sade, 2 – “Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”

Our youngest contributor names a song that we all love! She provides an exemplary explanation as to why it is loved by all: “I love it because we sing it all the time. It’s my favourite.” Ours, too, Sade.


Edward, 9 – “Roundtable Rival” by Lindsey Stirling

As Edward tells us, this song is brilliant because “it’s impressive how well she plays the violin.” Sure is. Here’s one popular artist we could get behind. Great choice Edward!


Kieran, 11 – “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath

Here’s Kieran’s explanation why he chose this classic, “I dunno, I really like it. It’s friggin’ awesome.” You know Kieran, we feel exactly the same way. This song friggin’ rocks! (All the guys are wishing they had hair right now.)


Mia, 7 – “Title” by Meghan Trainor

“Meghan is sassy, and I like her lyrics”, Mia tells us about her love for this song. Hmm… There really isn’t anything for us to say, although her parents might want to keep a close on their little sassy one.


Spencer, 8 – “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

“Jack White has a good voice” is Spencer’s rationale. “Seven Nation Army” is definitely the one song where White’s vocals vary and where his trademark howl might be most remembered. We’re banging our heads to the track as we spin.


Chrissy, 12 (thinks she’s 19) – “Jealous” by Nick Jonas

Music is often associated with memories, and Chrissy offers a great one: “One night, my friend Olivia and I were up at midnight and dancing to songs and this one came on and we made a really fun dance to it and whenever I hear it, it always reminds me of that and makes me happy.” Pretty cool parents to let her stay up until midnight, not to mention the awesome grammar (Ben has a pet peeve about putting “me” first).


Aidan, 11 – “The Man” by Aloe Blacc

For every memory, we often like music because it sounds cool. Take 11-year old Aidan for instance, who tells us he likes this song because he “likes Aloe Blacc and likes that type of music.” A man of few words but straight to the point. You The Man, Aidan!


Andrew, 10 – “Evil Friends” by Portugal. The Man

Andrew goes in an indie direction with PTM’s outstanding title track from their seventh LP. Here’s what Andrew had to say: “I like how it starts slow and gets faster and has cool guitar parts. And they repeat the line, It’s not because the light here is brighter… throughout the song.” Now there’s a future musician! And for the record, we absolutely loved this album.


Alex, 7 – “Internet Killed the Video Star” by The Limousines

Alex is a very cerebral young girl. Even her response isn’t about what she likes but what kids like. As she tells us, she likes this song “because kids like a good beat!”


Robbie, 8 – “Gangnam Style by PSY

“I like to dance to it”, explains Robbie. Well, this was inevitable. May as well dance with Robbie.


Rohan, 5; Aren, 11; & Evan, 7 – “Everything is Awesome” by Mark Mothersbaugh performed by Tegan & Sara, featuring The Lonely Island

You knew it was coming – our first Lego Movie entry. It’s also our first collaboration and chosen by three young boys.

As Aren explains, “Because, everything IS awesome. It makes me happy and when you’re part of a team you can make things work better.”

Rohan shares the same opinion. “Because everything is cool when you’re part of the team!” We’re proud to say that this has been The Revue’s philosophy for Day 1.

And for Evan, “because it’s from my favourite movie, and it’s a fun song!” And here at The Revue, we always have fun with these lists.


Dylan, 5.5 – “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” by Ylvis

“I like the song because I like the funny sounds during the chorus” explains little Dylan. Ah kids. The sounds are amusing and the video is admittedly pretty funny. We wonder if the kids would dig a song “What does The Revue Say?” Probably not.


Drew, 9 – “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men

Drew likes this song because “it has a catchy beat and it tells a good story.” Drew has a knack for listening to lyrics because Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men are indeed one of the better storytellers in music today, often transforming their songs into folklore and vice versa. “Dirty Paws” is a great example.


Eli, 7 – “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith

We thought there would be more Sam Smith requests, so it’s surprising that this is the first. Eli offers a simple reason for why he likes Sam Smith, which many people will attest. “I like his voice.”


Julia, 11 – “Act My Age” by One Direction

And this is one of the risks with asking kids to curate your list. That’s all we’ll say. Julia likes the tune because it “has a catchy beat.”


Sydney, 8 – “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift

Young Sydney is a big Taylor Swift fan, in particular “Blank Space” because “she knows all the words and can sing along to it.” We hope for her parents’ sake that Sydney has a great voice.


Isabelle, 11 – “Raised by a Good Time” by Steven Lee Olsen

Our first country song comes from 11-year old Isabell. It’s a barn-burning, boot-kicking number. As Isabell says, “I like the rhythm”, which might be the first time anyone said that about a country song.


Ben, 8 – “Starship” by Nicki Minaj

If you knew little Ben (and not our Ben), you would know he’s as country as a kid could be. To have him choose Nicki Minaj is a shocker, even to his parents (his mother would like to think she’s responsible for expanding his musical horizons). Like most of the kids, Ben’s answer is to the point, “I like this song because it has a good beat”. Get down cowboy!


Declin, 8 – “King of the World” by Young Rising Sons

Declin is exposed to a lot of different music and his mom (The Revue’s own Wendy) is proud his chosen track wasn’t a top-40 one. Declin is forced to listen to a lot of CDs from different artists in the car, and he actually approves of the entire self titled YRS EP, but “King of the World” is his favorite because “he wants a castle in the sky”. Gotta love kids with ambition.


Deirdre, 4 – “Chim Chim Cher-ee” from Mary Poppins by Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews

Deidre’s mom is shocked that her song choice is not “Let It Go” from Frozen, but she most recently watched Mary Poppins and this is her favorite song from the movie because “of the singing and dancing”. We definitely approve of a classic on the list.


Trace, 9 & Reid, 11 – “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy

Trace and Reid are digging the new Fall Out Boy track. When asked by his mom why he likes it, Trace said “I don’t know, it’s just awesome”.  Reid, meanwhile, shares her thoughts, saying, “It has meaningful lyrics and a great chorus”. It’s definitely hard not to move a bit when listening to this song.


Cole, 10 – “Something from Nothing” by Foo Fighters

Cole is enjoying the latest from the Foo Fighters which is on their album released last year, Sonic Highways. When asked why he likes this song, he said “because it’s awesome” and we agree. Nice choice, Cole.


Max, 8 – “Good Day Sunshine” by The Beatles

Max has really good taste, and really cool parents for introducing him to The Beatles. When asked why Good Day Sunshine was his favorite song he said “because I love The Beatles and it’s awesome.”  Nice choice Max, and a nice one to add to our list.


Jack, 5 – “Duel of Fates” (The Darth Maul Song) by John Williams (Star Wars)

To end it, it’s fitting to have a track from one of the best movie franchises in history. As Jack tells us, this song is awesome because “Darth Maul is powerful.” One of the best, albeit under-utilized, villains in movies.



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