Here’s the Weekend Showcase – our weekly playlist of some really cool tracks of the not-so-distant past. The playlist is below along with the individual tracks. Happy listening!

  • “Where Have You Gone” is the new track from one of our favourite little bands, Ephrata. The Seattle-based band makes some of the most anthemic, choral-pop on the planet. You can listen to just this track here (and it’s a free download on Soundcloud).
  • “Heavenstay” from Shana Falana is a gorgeous, richly layered, psych-pop track. It’s the first single from her forthcoming debut, full-length album, which comes out April 7 on Team Love Records. You can listen to just this track here.
  • “Tearing the Posters Down” by Melbourne, Australia’s Dick Diver. The fun, quirkly, indie-pop tune will have you bopping around, and the track makes us excited for their third album, Melbourne, Florida, out March 10 (North America) on Trouble in Mind. Click here to hear the individual track.
  • “Open Wide” is the latest single from Marika Hackman, the young London singer-songwriter who has generated a lot of buzz over the past year with her honest songwriting of love and life’s angst. Her early singles remind us of P.J. Harvey, who we adore. Her debut LP, We Slept At Last, comes out February 16 (UK) / 17 (North America) on Dirty Hit Records. Check the individual single here.
  • “Right Through” is from Bxhxld (pronounced Behold), a New York-based singer-songwriter who dabbles in R&B, funk, rock, and pop. The track is an interesting and daring experiment to mix multiple genres into a single track, and it shows the tremendous potential of the young artist. Listen to the individual track here.
  • “Interplanetary 1973” is a single recorded in mid-2014 but only released this week by Sydney, Australia psych-rock band The Swamp Crocs. Like the psych-rock of the ’70s, the tune is something from another galaxy. If you would like to hear the track on its own, check it out here.
  • “Zen Whatever” from singer-songwriter Charlie Brand is a dreamy, psychedelic-pop tune with a symphonic element mixed in. It’s unique, different, but a great listen. You can hear the individual track over here.
  • “In the Morning (In the Evening)” is from Twin Peaks, the young indie band from Chicago that doesn’t seem to stop moving. This track is from a forthcoming 7″ that will be out this spring on Grand Jury. You can spazz out to the track on its own over here.
  • “Solvey” is the fantastic, debut single Solvey, the project of New York-City based Jessica Zambri. The ethereal, pop track has summer hit written all over it. You might wish to bookmark this page when summer finally arrives.
  • “Witness” is the whirlwind new single from Swedish five-piece, indie band Makthaverskan, and the single is part of a forthcoming 7″ that will be released on March 3 in Europe and April 18 in North America. Catch this excellent band in April when they’ll be playing gigs across the US. You can also hear the track on its own over here.
  • “I Wanna Be Your Lady” from UK singer-songwriter Shannon Wardrop, whom Kevin interviewed last January, is a stunning, mid-tempo rocker that has the passionate edginess one would fine in a Liz Phair track. The track is available for free download (see below).
  • “An Eye for Gold” is the unreleased demo from El Perro del Mar, the wonderful pop songstress from Gothenburg, Sweden. The track is part of a special, deluxe edition to mark the 10th anniversary of her critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album. It’ll be out February 17 via The Control Group. Can we get a woot? If you would like to replay just this track, scoot on over to its own page.
  • “The Other Side” is the latest single from Public Service Broadcasting and will be on their much anticipated space-themed album, The Race For Space, out at the end of this month. It includes audio clips from Mission Control in Houston when Apollo 8 becomes the first manned voyage to orbit the moon and they are on “the other side” and lose radio contact. The tension midway through the track is palpable bringing to life this historic moment in space travel and then erupting back into a solid composition of electronic driven beats in celebration of Apollo 8’s success. If you’re anxious to hear the track immediately, skip on over to its own page.



Happy Weekend


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