directed by Audrius Juzenas

Sunday, February 8, 4pm,

River Building Theatre, Carleton Umiversity

Bright Nights – The 5th Baltic – Nordic Film Festival


Disguised as a post war Lithuanian epic concerning the harrowing journey of an exiled orphan, The Excursionist is really about a sweet ten year old caught up in a series of unfortunate events, her willing herself to carry on, and the sympathetic nature of those who risk everything to help her. The story, a crazy 6000 km trek back home from Russia, is the ultimate life experience for someone far too young to know what is really going on. The oppressive nature of communist rule makes the trip a series of barb wire hurdles for some barely able to walk, and yet there is just enough humanity lurking for a possible happy ending. Based on a true story, The Excursionist doesn’t dwell on right and wrong, but more on circumstance. There are plenty of disjoint moments in the plot, but the absolutely fascinating turn by Anastasija Marcenkaite as Masha makes it well worth the watch.


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