Max and the Moon are from California and were actually one of the bands I saw live last year at SXSW. They impressed me with their live set, and I have been following them since. They seem to create that perfect blend of synth-driven indie pop/rock goodness. With super catchy tracks like “Out of My Head” and “Crazy” that were released last year, I made sure to keep an eye on these guys. My favorite part is that they share vocals between John and Matt which is memorable and works well for the foursome.

Max and the Moon formed in 2013 and aside from proving that they can create really catchy and danceable tracks, they have showcased their songwriting talent with songs like “Losing the Agreement“. Max and the Moon is comprised of John Velasquez (guitar/vocals), Matt Couchois (keys/guitar/vocals), Dillon Couchois (drums) and Zach Weaver on bass.

Today, they release “Modern Love”, which is a track written to explain how they’ve seen intimacy between people change over time. MATM wanted to sing about two people that have found a way to make love and this modern reality coexist, especially when technology affects relationships in the world today.

I am sharing the brand new track, which is full of great harmonies and memorable vocals (the time machine lyric will be stuck with me all day) and I’m also sharing my favorite track  “Crazy” in case you are not familiar with Max and the Moon. Soon, they will be releasing their MATM EP, so keep your eye out (or just check back here as I’m sure to feature it). Their single, “Modern Love”, is available on i-Tunes.

Facebook: Max and The Moon
Twitter: @maxandthemoon

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