Earlier this year, South Carolina native Sean Neuse released his debut solo album under the moniker Color of Light. The project’s name is fitting as Memory is a sonic escapade that has the feel of hypnotic lights flashing all around you. The album is definitely ambient yet experimental. It’s a challenging listen for those looking for something straightforward and based on pop arrangements, but if you take a moment you’ll see the beauty in it.

In the midst of a tour (he’s finishing off in the Southeast US and you can check his dates here), Sean took the time to provide us with not 1 but 2 lists. Not only is his music unique and diverse, but so are his favorite books and the artists who have inspired him.

You can pick up Memory for free on his Bandcamp page (but we recommend leaving a tip) or stream it on Soundcloud. You can also hear it below.


Favorite Books:

Thirty-three volume, complete set of Time Life Books’ Mysteries Of The Unknown
I found a set of these at a flea market a long time ago and I’m liking them again. The tv commercials for these are great as well.

Escape From Camp 14 by Blaine Harden
This book really opened my eyes to the horrors of one of the worst slave camps in North Korea. They’re similar to the horrors and lack of humanity that was carried out during the holocaust at Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration/death camps.

Jelly Roll by Luke Sutherland
Sutherland is a talented novelist as well as a talented musician from Scotland. His musical projects include Long Fin Killie, Bows, Mogwai etc.

Confronting Collapse by Michael C Ruppert
Another eye opening read and now with the dangers of hydraulic fracturing – or “fracking” – affecting and contaminating our water and air resources. It’s an interesting book and documentary.

Doré Illustrations of The Divine Comedy by Gustave Doré
The Illustrations in this book are great.


Albums/Musicians that Inspired You:

Loveless by My Bloody Valentine
The first time I listened to My Bloody Valentine was back in 94. I was 16 and didn’t really like it or understand it at the time. A few years later I listened again and after a few listens it really opened my mind up to sound and recording and has been one of my all time favourite albums/ bands ever since.

Low by David Bowie
This is the second Bowie album I was hooked on Man Who Sold The World being the first. This album really influenced my liking of ambient music and experimental structures in pop music. Some of my favourite work from Brian Eno as well.

Heaven Or Las Vegas by Liz Fraser
This album was actually my introduction to Cocteau Twins and

Liz Fraser’s unique and beautiful singing really influenced the way I thought about vocals. The album reminds of being 21 and living in LA briefly as well.

Ege Bamyasi by Damo Suzuki
One of my favourite Can albums. Damo’s free nature makes this a timeless krautrock album.

Hounds Of Love by Kate Bush
When I got into this album, it really changed my perception of other musicians that followed after her and how much they’ve copied her style all together. It’s classic.


Sean Neuse


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