If you didn’t know who Sam Smith was before the Grammy awards,  I’m sure you know who he is now. I really dislike comparing certain artists to others because I respect every artist’s individuality, but most people I know want a point of reference or ask me “Well who do they/he/she sound like?”. As much as I hate to compare, Mike Dignam could be the next Sam Smith. There are many similarities between the two but both have their own unique style. They are both from the UK, and they both have a very soulful sound exuding from their vocal chords.

Dignam has quite a range, some of his older tracks have more of an acoustic based sound and would fall into your typical singer songwriter box. He is currently working on new material, and with his single “Hurt” released on his latest EP It is Written, I am interested in hearing more from Dignam. On “Hurt” and the most recent EP, he is bringing that soulful and almost retro sound to the forefront but with larger and smarter harmonies compared to his earlier material. Lyrically, we can all relate to the songwriting of Hurt – where we have that one we truly love, but they hurt us anyway.

Apparently a lot of people know who Dignam is as he has quite a following on SC, Facebook and Twitter and most recently supported American Authors on their UK leg of the tour. I will keep an eye on Mike Dignam even though I just recently discovered him, as I feel his sound will be one that many will gravitate towards and he is talented enough to breakthrough in the US and Canada. You can purchase “Hurt” or the It Is Written EP on i-Tunes.


Website: http://www.mikedignam.com/

Facebook: Mike Dignam

Twitter: @mikedignammusic

mike dignam

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