My love of Voivod has been well documented over the years (and I’ve bored my friends countless times about the first time I saw them live back in 1989). After three decades and a lot of shifting members, Montreal’s Voivod is still going. Currently on a club tour across Canada with Napalm Death, Voivod are killing it on stage with two original members (Snake on vocals and Away on drums) along with Dan Mongrain on dazzling guitars, and brand new bassist Dominique Laroche.

To help promote the tour, they’ve released a split single with At The Gates (who are opening the shows on the current tour). The Voivod side of the single is called We Are Connected and it’s over seven minutes of crushing riffs, switching tempos, and of course Snake’s glorious growl. Voivod keep showing that they are the leaders of the metal genre (or many sub-genres like thrash-metal, prog-metal, jazz-metal, or whatever you want to call this stuff).

Check it here, and then check them on tour.


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