There’s something really special happening on Programm’s debut EP, Like the Sun. There are moments where you are taken back to 1970s Germany and the birth and height of krautrock or late-70s Manchester during the rise (and unfortunate fall) of Joy Division. Then there are moments of blissful delirium, as Programm returns to the present with a shoegaze-y, dream-pop tune. The conceptualization of the EP is brilliant, focusing on sounds and music that move us emotionally and stirs the imagination.

The EP opens with the title track and lead single. With the infectious haziness of Coves and the psychedelic pop of FURS, the track is sublime. It’s a track that makes you believe you are floating in space or being transported to a new dimension.

We’re reigned back in on “We Barely Escaped”. It’s a trippy, Joy Division-esque tune that mesmerizes with the deadpan vocals of Jacob Suma. At about he 4 1/2-minute mark, the song transforms into a gorgeous, dreamy tune as Jackie Game’s lush voice flutters softly against the shoegazing guitars. The track is spectacular and stirring, creating different feelings over 7 1/2 minutes.

“Soft Shadows” is a brief track that can best be described as melodic krautrock. It blazes with the guitars of Faust, but they are balanced out by the soft, almost tepid voice of Game. It’s like two forces working against one another, yet it all works and does so with aplomb.

The track that may best reflect the album’s title is “ZeroZeroZero”. The 6 1/2-minute track is orchestral space rock that closes quietly, leaving you feeling like you are suspended in space with nowhere to go – kind of like George Clooney in Gravity (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

This is just a taste of what is to come from the Whitby, Ontario now Toronto-based quartet. Like the Sun is a tremendous debut, and if they can top it, this band will be the brightest star shining in the sky.

Programm is Jacob Soma (guitar, vocals), Jackie Game (bass, vocals) Mark Game (keys, synth), and Andrew Reesor (drums). Like the Sun will be released tomorrow (Tuesday, February 17) on The Hand Recordings. Check the band’s Bandcamp site and iTunes to get this fantastic EP. The title track is below, both the video and just the audio.

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