AllNew Live launches a brand new concert series called Folk It Friday at Georgetown Pub located at 1159 Bank Street.

Live performances by The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band (9pm), Moonfruits (10pm) and JBKD (11pm). Cover is $5 or $4 for students. RSVP to the Facebook Event.

Keep an eye out for us at the event as we may ask for your comments and feedback about the performances! It’s great to have reviews from newspapers and such, but I want hear from YOU!

The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band

The band spawned from a mixture of an undying passion for creating music, and a little bit of boredom. The end result is a folky, bluesy, rocky-alternative kind of sound resonating out of their backwoods studio. James’ lyrics are witty, as he often completes stories, drawing visualization for the audience while his raspy voice serenades. Randelle’s sweet vocals and bass-playing add an element of softness to James’ guitar and kick-drum.


We listen to all kinds of music and are influenced by everything from Norwegian death-metal to folk rock. Our sound – that is, the music we write in this band, is undeniably and unapologetically pop.


Toe-tapping folk that grows under your couch, around street corners and in those mouldy, old theatre curtains. Snappy rhythms, soulful harmonies and a kitchen party feel; we love it best when you lick your soup spoon clean and slap it on your knee.



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