Sir Cadian Rhythm is yet another band that does not stay in any one type of genre. The fairly newly formed band (March of 2014) are from Long Island, NY and just recently released their debut EP. The group consists of musical theater performers, Juilliard graduates, music teachers, award-winning jazz band performers, and prolific poets.

Their band name is a play on words of circadian rhythm, as the rhythm of music is ingrained in the heart and soul of all members of the band. By replacing the “Cir” with “Sir” the name is personified, giving it a dual meaning. Sir Cadian Rhythm consists of Sir Jack Weppler – Vocals, Sir Alexander Laudani – Guitars, Sir Richard Cluxton – Bass, Sir Keith Miller – Drums, Sir Matthew Carlin – Keys.

Their self-titled EP is quite an accomplishment for a band that has not even been together a full year. The 5 track EP is full of the diversity that accurately represents Sir Cadian Rhythm. The opener “Flood of XIV” is some great indie rock that is reminiscent of the 90s. The second track “Holly’s on Fire” is almost a big bandish/jazz influenced track with nice horns and keys that includes a very nice guitar solo and accents of tambourines towards the tail end of the song.

“Ouroboros” is a strong lead single that is showcasing their great composition of a pretty stellar rock song that still reminds me a bit of my 90s youth, which is never a bad thing. “Run Around Town” is a stand out for Mr. Miller with heavy and solid percussion throughout. This track also highlights the talented songwriting of Laudani and Weppler while the song seems to be about the wanting of a stronger relationship and the desire to just stop the constant party that it seems to be. The closer “Villain Fear” takes a step down from the others in terms of the high energy rock filled EP and showcases the vocals of Weppler.  The horns are also a nice touch to the closer. After many listens, I finally decided who Weppler sounds like – if Adam Levine would have been the front man for some of my favorite 90s rock bands like Eve 6, Fuel or Lit – he might sound like Weppler who has that soulful element to his voice but is definitely a rocker.

All in all, I am impressed by the chemistry of the band, as they sound like they have been playing for years and I’m interested to see what SCR ends up producing in the future. Their debut EP is available on i-Tunes, Spotify and on their Bandcamp page. I am sharing Ourobouros and Run Around Town and my other favorite is Flood of XIV.


Facebook: Sir Cadian Rhythm

Twitter: @sircadianrhythm

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