We shared “Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night”  from Velcro Mary last fall and the newest track is “Fourth Quarter Funeral”, which has a pretty amusing video to go along with it – with appearances by none other than an Elvis puppet and a couple of cute furry stuffed animals playing guitar.

This track is heavy on guitar which makes it DIY awesome, and I also got a little background on the lyrics and now, I like it even better. I almost thought it was possibly football related, but I was wrong.

The actual meaning has to do with social media and corporate America. Quoting from Jason (aka Velcro Mary), “I’ve had a few friends on Facebook who would announce to the world that they were done with Facebook and they were deleting their account. All of their friends would chime in and stroke their egos and be all supportive. Most of the people who were “done” with Facebook would return a few days later. In a few extremely ridiculous cases, their departure only lasted a few hours.”

I thought it was funny that some of these people would do this over an over again, like clockwork. So I started to look at it in this really cynical way, as if it were a corporate strategy (i.e., “Haven’t been getting a lot of attention lately–I better stage a funeral to get some attention and increase our fourth quarter revenues”).  I kind of envisioned it as being about as enthusiastic and heartfelt as the awful corporate birthday parties they had at one the companies I used to work for.

We all had to gather in a really bland sterile conference room to celebrate everyone on the team who had a birthday in the last three months. There would usually be warm soft drinks and carrot cake. Nobody appeared to enjoy these gatherings, so I’m not sure why we had them. The combination of those two ideas is what the song is about. I pictured a bland corporate mandatory celebration to announce a strategic fake funeral that nobody really cared about.”

With lyrics like “And I can’t help but feel like we’ve been here before at your fourth quarter funeral”, it all makes sense to me now.

Fourth Quarter Funeral is available on bandcamp right now (link below) and will be available everywhere on February 20th. (i-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) 




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