bd-disapointedBig Dick are an Ottawa-based duo who have found their inspiration from classic big muscle-ridden punk rock. Their name was adapted from the NoMeansNo song of the same name (though they could be talking about any number of Dicks out there). Still, NoMeansNo is a relevant touchstone for their style. It’s not as dextrous as NMN, but the power, intensity and attack are remarkably similar, and they are a drums/bass duo (which hearkens back to NMN’s debut, Mama).

Big Dick (Dave Secretary on drums, Johnny O on bass) are out to pounce. Their self-titled debut album (2012) was heralded locally as being pretty amazing (and made the top of Ottawa Citizen‘s 2012-Year-In-Review). This new album, Disappointed (coming on Feb 24 from Dirt Cult Records) is another blast of superfast melodic madness.

The music is not yet available to post here, but you can stream the whole thing over at Punk News. At 15 songs, it’s quite a ride. My personal fave is track 2, “Last Days”. It’s got some (yes, really) pleasant vocal work and a few slower passages that do work to build the intensity. They do mix up the vibe on several tracks. “Young Love” is a bit more experimental while “Another Minute” has a Primus/NMN funky feel to it). However, these guys are at their best with the breakneck pace and punch of tracks like “God’s Teeth” and “Crawl”.

I wonder how far they can stretch this bass and drum duo thing. From the sounds of this album, they’ve got a lot of great ideas and plenty of room to expand. This is smart, primal stuff. Big Dick are a game-changer in the Ottawa scene, and for punk and hard rock in general.

From their debut:



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