“Come See Me” is a smile-inducing, infectious garage-surf-pop single from Love L.U.V. The song is from their debut EP of the same name, and it is filled with music that will have you shaking your booty. The single is part of our Weekend Showcase for February 20th, a playlist of new music from the not-so-distant past.

As for the rest of the EP, Love L.U.V. have a sound similar to one of our favorites, Beach Day, where the music is made for sunny days and will make you long for such days. Throughout the EP’s six tracks, the songs are driving and unrelenting energy. There is not a single down moment – just song after song after rambunctious garage-pop.

There are moments, too, in the EP that recall early days Dum Dum Girls and The Shangri-Las – a little jangly but always infectious, such as on “One and Only Friend” and “Don’t Tell Me”“Head on the Ground” is the perfect driving song with its catchy riff and uptempo pace.

Pick up Come See Me at their Bandcamp page, iTunes, and Amazon (UK). Or, hear the individual tracks below.

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