Music, Singles — February 20, 2015 at 6:48 am

Sammy Brue – “I Don’t Want to Leave”


“I Don’t Want You to Leave” is the new single from 31-year old Sammy Brue (o.k., he’s only 13). Showing once again why he’s a singer-songwriter to watch in the mold of Justin Townes Earl and Whiskeytown-era Ryan Adams, Brue leaves an emotional mark on this track that is simultaneously sad and jubilant. We’ve enjoyed watching this young man grow and await the day his name will on marquees across the planet.

“I Don’t Want to Leave” is on our Weekend Showcase for February 20, a playlist of some great new music that you should hear. We’ve also added the bluegrass number, “5th String is Broken”, where Brue showcases his banjo-plucking skills (it’s also a free download). What can this kid not do?

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