Our weekly playlist of some awesome new music from the not so-distant-past. The playlist is at the bottom, but if there’s a track that you want to repeatedly hear, click on the song title. If you like what you hear from an artist, click on their name.

  • “Kissing Booth”, the top-tapping, knee-slapping, rocker from Austin, Texas native, LA-based Vanderocker. The single is the first from our forthcoming new album, which is expected this summer. You can also see the awesome video on the single’s page.
  • “Dissolve” is the funky electro-pop tune from Michigan recording artist and producer Jonathan Visger, who goes by the name Absofacto. Visger has dabbled in multiple genres and is an emerging producer on the electronic scene. Discover him now before his star explodes.
  • “Bed of Nails” from Chicago singer-songwriter Lee Miles – a.k.a. Chief Ghoul – has been described as “spooky blues, alt-rock, Americana”, which is an apt description for this awesome track. Miles is set to release his new album, Done Dabbled, this spring.
  • “Time Will Tell” is the new single from Bentcousin. The young duo from Brighton and London, UK, have been releasing single after single the past few months, including collaborating with French producer Guiville. On this track, they take an acoustic approach that recalls the music of the late ’60s and early ’70s.
  • “Walk a Line” is the buzzing garage-rock single from Melbourne quartet, Them Bruins. Their self-titled EP is filled with three other, catchy, indie-rock tunes that will make you recall the late ’90s and early 2000s. Click on the song title to hear the other three tracks.
  • Molière” from Our Man in Berlin is a fantastic electro-, synth-pop track that has hints of Bonobo, Volcano Choir, and POLIÇA. The Perth, Australia band has only been releasing tracks for 18 months, yet they have an infectious and gorgeous sound. “Molière” is the first single from their forthcoming sophomore EP, Spirit Down.
  • “Nine Matches” is the stunning debut single from L.A. singer-songwriter B. Miles. Teaming up with NYC producer Noise Club, she has crafted a single that has the slow grooves of The XX, the sultriness of Banks, and the allure of Jesse Ware.
  • “Levitate Thigh” from Heaters is a psychedelic-rock tune that recalls the brilliance of the ’70s. Get lost in the distortion and the fuzz. The single is part of a special 7″ record the Grand Rapids, Michigan trio will release on April 28. Beyond Beyond is Beyond will be distributing it. Click on the song title to see the zany video.
  • “Stockholm Syndrome” from Stockholm indie rocker Lucern Raze is a catchy, fun, garage-pop track. Imagine a wackier King Tuff (hard to believe that’s possible). This single is from his Stockholm 1 album that was released earlier this year on PNKSLM and Burger Records.
  • “Disco Smile” is the lead single from the sophomore album, The Shore, by Montreal’s Bent by Elephants. It’s a delicate indie-pop track that has touches of late ’90s pop. The single also best represents the new sound by the quintet, moving away from orchestral pop songs to more indie-pop sounds.
  • “Just Like Moonlight” is from Brooklyn indie band, Inner Outlaws. The song is the first in a series of monthly singles that will be written, recorded and released over the course of 2015.  The single is a great psych rock track that could be reminiscent of Pink Floyd if Stevie Nicks would have been an active member.
  • “Tacky Part” is the new single from roots-folk band Galleri. The seven-piece collective from Australia has toured with the likes of Ash Grunwald, and their sound resembles the roaring music of Shakey Graves. The track officially comes out February 27.
  • “Don’t Wanna Fight” is the new song from Alabama Shakes, who are set to launch their highly anticipated, sophomore album, Sound & Color, on April 21. The lead single reveals a new direction – a grittier rock sound that echoes of The Rolling Stones and My Morning Jacket.
  • “Time Goes By” is from Gaetano Serra, a French-Italian composer, producer, and musician who goes by the moniker Le Masque. On his debut EP, Spiral, his songs span from dream-pop to psychedeclic rock to alt-pop. It’s an interesting listen, but this track is stunning dream-pop.
  • “Phantom of the Disco” is a down-tempo, 80s new-wave single from Glamour Assassins, who are a quintet from New Haven, Connecticut who are creating new and innovative sounds. This track could be considered “neo-new wave”. The single is the first from their forthcoming album, Ain’t So Young, which is expected later this year.
  • “Come See Me” is a smile-inducing, infectious garage-surf-pop single from Love L.U.V. The song is from their debut EP of the same name, and it is filled with music that will have you shaking your booty.Their sound is similar to one of our favorites – Beach Day. Click on the song title to hear more songs from the EP.
  • “Amongst the Many” is a new track from the Brighton-based band Lion Bark, who has only had a few singles to date. The newest track is a lovely pop-rock track that will have you moving about and wanting to hear more. A new EP is in the works so keep an eye out for these lads.
  • “I Don’t Want You to Leave” is the new single from 31-year old Sammy Brue (o.k., he’s only 13). Showing once again why he’s a singer-songwriter to watch in the mold of Justin Townes Earl and Whiskeytown-era Ryan Adams, Brue leaves an emotional mark on this track that is simultaneously sad and jubilant. We’ve enjoyed watching this young man grow and await the day his name will be on marquees across the planet.



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