A few weeks ago, we posted one of the newer tracks from up-and-coming UK artist Mike Dignam. In terms of talent and potential, he has all the elements needed to achieve the magical occurrence in music when an overseas band or artist can break through in the USA and Canada and gain worldwide success.

Sam Smith and Royal Blood are two recent examples of that fast-moving success, as both of their albums from last year traveled over the pond and into our homes pretty quickly.

Mike is in the process of writing and recording new material, but he was kind enough to answer a few questions so we might get to know him a little bit better.

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I remember the first time I heard Michael Jackson; I was amazed at the sound he was creating!… I then discovered Stevie Wonder and…(a)gain his voice and delivery were incredible, which I guess started to influence my own style of singing…and songwriting.

I have been perusing your Youtube channel. Not only are there some awesome covers, but I love the fact that it is you, a kick drum and a guitar for some of your live shows. With “Hurt” having a fuller sound, will you be assembling a live band in the future?

Definitely. Whenever I’ve been on a headline tour, I have, for the most part, performed with a band and I do love the dynamic and the impact that playing with a band affords. The new material I’m currently working on lends itself a lot more to the soundscape a band can create, and I’m looking forward to performing the tracks live with a full-band set-up. Plus, it allows me to pick up my electric guitar and explore an additional palette of sound.

You seem to be very supportive and conversational to your fans on all forms of social media. Do you feel that has helped grow your fan base faster?

Absolutely, and not just on social media but in person too. Whenever I play a show (and whenever I have been allowed to), I always stick around to say hello and have a chat with as many fans as possible. I know it takes money, commitment, time and effort for each one of them to come and support me at a gig, even as the supporting artist sometimes, so it’s not just that it’s the least I can do – to meet them afterwards – it’s that I really do enjoy it.

I noticed you even have a US-based, fan Twitter account. Do you see yourself applying to play the SXSW Festival one year or possibly a small tour of the States eventually?

It does amaze me each time I send a mailout to the fans just how many are in the States! I would love to tour the US and it is definitely in the plan; it’s just about timing really, But yeah, I’d love to come and play some tunes for you guys over there!

There is no denying that your voice exudes a bit of soul. How did music influence you growing up? When did you know this is what you wanted to do for a living considering you started recording at a pretty young age?

Ah, thank you very much! Nice one! I remember the first time I heard Michael Jackson; I was amazed at the sound he was creating! I got all his records and listened to them constantly. I then discovered Stevie Wonder and did the same with him. Again his voice and delivery were incredible, which I guess started to influence my own style of singing…and songwriting. I don’t think there was really a specific moment I came to a realization that this was what I wanted to do for a living. It just felt like I was doing the right thing, pursuing my passion.

Do you have any advice for a young inspired musician who is wanting to establish a career in music?

To be honest, I think the advice I would give is advice I’ve heard and applied to myself from many ‘successful’ people and that is to have a vision, an ambition and work work work to achieve it. If it’s your passion, your focus and you have talent, it’s then the drive and determination (along with the support of a team) that get you there.

Maybe one day we will get to see Mike Dignam live. Until then, we will enjoy from afar and admire that not only is he talented, but also a really nice guy. “Hurt” is the lead single from the It Was Written EP which is available on i-Tunes. Below is also “Beautiful Tragedy”, which is a lovely piano-based song from 2013.

Website: http://www.mikedignam.com/
Facebook: Mike Dignam
Twitter: @mikedignammusic

Mike Dignam

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