Diamond Rugs, the six-piece supergroup consisting of members of five different bands, release their second LP, Cosmetics, today. It’s a really fun record featuring six very talented musicians coming together to create something different yet harmoniously blending the superb, individual talents of each artist. On paper, the lineup is awesome: John McCauley and Robbie Crowell of Deer Tick, T. Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate, Ian St Pe formerly of Black Lips, drummer Bryan Dufresne from Six Finger Satellite, and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. On record, they sound even more awesome.

The opener, “Voodoo Doll”, is a real rocker, reminiscent of something you’d hear on a Replacements record. The rockin’ good time continues throughout. You’ve got some folky rockers like “Couldn’t Help It”, “Blame” and “Killin’ Time”; gritty blues with “Meant To Be”; and some punk and grunge like “So What” and “Clean”.

Cosmetics is a great listen. It’s six guys, plus horns and other goodies, doing something for fun, and it shows. They sing about a variety of subjects, including God on tracks like “Ain’t Religion” and “So What”, and I’m pretty sure I heard McCauley yell out “Chuck E. Cheese” at some point in “Motel Room”.  If you dig any of the parts of this band, you’ll probably dig Cosmetics.

Connect with Diamond Rugs at Website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Cosmetics is out on Sycamore Records, and the album can be purchased at the band’s online store, iTunes, and Amazon.


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