We have another track on our hands from UK mystery artist hd hausmann. We shared an island without a few months ago, and a new single has popped up on SoundCloud. The new track, “i am here and i am cold in the water” has a brooding Pink Floyd-esque feel if you were to strip down Pink Floyd on a minimal level. The tag on the track is listed as “acoustic”, but it is so much more than that.

Usually this paragraph right here includes a little blurb about the band or artist, but I have nothing except that “i am here and i am cold in the water” is a pretty cool piece of new music for this fine Tuesday if you are into different and amazing. This writer just wants to say thanks to mr hausmann for making this post possibly the shortest ever, as there is no other information to share except the song. The genius part of hd hausmann is that right now, all we have is the music. We just let it be with no other preconceptions or expectations based on who is really behind the creation of it all; the music this time is truly speaking for itself.

Maybe one day, though, there will be a Q&A with this mystery artist and a tad bit more information might  be revealed. Until then, enjoy i am here and i am cold in the water, follow hd hausmann on soundcloud and wait with excited anticipation for the next song just like we are.


[image credit: Cy Twombly – Hero & Leandro (part 2)]

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