Last month when Sabals released their fantastic new single, “Wild Thing”, which was featured on our Weekend Showcase and is an early contender for one of the best songs of the year, it raised expectations and heightened the anticipation of their debut EP. There is always an uneasiness as well when awaiting to hear a more extensive compilation of songs, as often times the lead single is the best one of the album.

On Premonitions, the Orlando quartet have alleviated any of these fears, instead putting together four excellent songs that includes the aforementioned “Wild Thing”. The EP could be treated like a split 7″, as the first two tracks upbeat, euphoric indie rock tunes while the last two songs are more thoughtful and melodic thumpers.

The EP opens with the aptly titled “Blistering”, which draws us in its anthemic indie rock. The stuttering guitar work of frontwoman Beth Bynum and Dan Bynum a feeling of nervousness in the track, as if one is on the trail of another person or maybe the prey. The basslines of Trė Hester and the drumming of Jessica Vacha add intensity to the track while the touches of synth by Dan add a haunting layer.

“Wild Thing” follows, and there isn’t much more to say about this awesome psychedelic pop-rock track. The track is deliriously infectious with Beth’s piercing vocals and the double-barrel climax.

The second side consists of true indie-rock tracks in the mode of The Heartless Bastards. On “Arcs” and “Little Shoes”, Beth’s voice echoes similarly to Erika Wennerstrom, and each track builds slowly to the rocking climax. “Arcs”, in particular, just explodes at the end, matching the feeling of expectations and hopes that is best evidenced by Beth singing, “Looking north in the sky seeing arcs and flashing lights / Cause I’ve waited for my whole”.

“Little Shoes”, a track about the arrival of precocious little one, has a great chorus and a fantastic bridge in the middle. It’s the celebration of life, the unexpected, and those little joys in life. And this little album, Premonitions, is one of those unexpected finds to be remembered, applauded, and played time and time again.

Premonitions is out now on Eye Four Records, and it can be picked up on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

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