Today we present Lion’s Mouth – a duo that has recently moved to Los Angeles from Wisconsin. After listening to their self-titled debut, it really begs the question as to why they are not more well-known. The fact that this is a female duo that rivals the percussion of The Dodos and vocals reminiscent of Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee) and early Lisa Loeb, the question is pondered even harder. Lion’s Mouth are creating the full sound of an entire band with just two members and they are doing it very well. A very successful female duo that comes to mind is Tegan & Sara, and honestly with the right promotion and someone backing Lion’s Mouth, they could go just as far – all of the elements for success are present with this duo.

Lion’s Mouth’s self-titled debut came out last year and was released completely under the radar. The duo is made up of singer and guitarist Chelsea Zareczny and drummer Sara Wexler. The entire album focuses on relationships and also displays the diversity in their range with impressive drumming and guitar skills on the instrumental track “Coming Home”. One of the best tracks on the album that could be a lead single is titled “Run”. It speaks of independence and making sure you are living your life for yourself, not others. The cadence and tempo of this track is reminiscent of The Dodos but with a definite indie-pop feel to it. “Crucible” is a stand-out rock driven track which speaks of facing your fears and moving forward anyway. One of the best percussion-based tracks that showcases the awesome talent of Wexler is “That Would Imply I Cared” and is also a great I’m-about-to-break-up-with-you song.

There are also a couple of slower-paced tracks that still showcase outbursts of tempo with “Soulmates”, “Carolina”, and “Distance”. “The Dr.” has a nice summery feel even though the song speaks of loss; it is surprisingly upbeat. “The Ocean” is a lovely song about the loss of a relationship and showcases Zareczny’s sweet and shimmery vocals. “Who Knew” is the reflection of a past relationship ending which might even be about the loss of a parent relationship with vocals like “Why you let us go”. “Waiting” is about the possible ending of a relationship. and “Little Galah” speaks of leaving a negative relationship and being free.

All in all, if you love strong but sweet female vocals with solid percussion, lyrics and tempo, Lion’s Mouth is for you. If word gets out about these two, they could have a very promising career ahead of them and we will be keeping an eye on this up and coming duo. Their self titled debut album is available everywhere – Bandcamp, i-Tunes, Amazon. Below are “Run” and “That Would Imply I Cared”, but you can also stream the full album on Soundcloud. If you dig this band, share and tell a friend. Great music is worth sharing and the whole reason why we started this blog in the first place.



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