jerrygrossorgThese three scallywags from Ottawa are making some big noise and getting some serious buzz from their first couple of singles (both from a forthcoming debut album, due Spring 2015).

Collectively known as The Jerry Gross Organization (a not-so-subtle nod to the filmmaker Jerry Gross), these guys are film nerds and music nerds, which is a great combo. This is Steve Fouchard (gits), Bill Guerrero (drums), and Ross Henwood (bass/vox). They are all veterans of the Ottawa music scene, but decided to get out there for something new after ages with their previous bands.

Full disclosure: Steve Fouchard was one of the original creators of and served as the filmmaker for our initial series of video interviews back in 2013.

The first single, “I like the second feature better”, is a pulsating piece of instrumental, down-tempo noise. The video is pretty great too, using some found cartoon footage to keep things creepy. Steve explained how this one came about:

 The best thing I can say about this is that it’s indicative of the band’s strong chemistry. This was originally a significantly different song that we’d been developing for some time but I started to feel like it wasn’t working quite right. We were practicing one day and Bill started playing the beat. We jammed, as we often do, and it became pretty much what you hear now within a few minutes. We realized that this must be what the song was supposed to be all along and went with it.


Their second single, “See the Man (Part II)”, also uses found footage for the video (and is a strong statement on its own, with the mixing of abundance and starvation). Steve also explained this one, which is kinda cool especially for the guitar nerds:

There are songs on this record much more indebted to metal influences but I still say this is one of the heaviest. The guitar is in a weird tuning that I’m pretty sure is unique to me. I was looking for something that sounded ambiguous; beyond the major/minor dichotomy. A full explanation of what’s going on in the lyrics would take too long so I’ll just say, broadly speaking, they’re about death on both a small and massive scale. Also, yes, there is a See the Man (Part I). We’re actively rehearsing it and it’s a likely candidate for our second album.

The Jerry Gross Organization will be playing its CD-release party at Pressed on March 28. Great gig space, and sure to be a great evening of arty-spacey-rock music. Joining them on the bill will be The Band Whose Name is a Symbol.

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