“Sunny Day Records” is from the self-titled, debut EP by Babbling April. The track starts off with some edgy guitar work before settling into a summery, Yo La Tengo, indie-pop feel. The single might make you long for warm spring days (it does for us).

The rest of the EP traverses the indie landscape with loads of shoegaze and dreamy notes. “Liars” has a July Talk feel with Dave New and Vivi Machi sharing lead vocals. The track, though, is a touch mellower and less in-your-face than the popular Toronto band. “Girl Ima’ Babe” just rocks. Resonating with a bit of krautrock, the track is cathartic with the trembling bass and hyperactive guitars. “All Around”, meanwhile, is a lush, indie-pop track that follows the same approach as “Sunny Day Records”.

The band also shows their chops for making dreamy instrumental tracks on “On Breath for Esmé” and “Another Kind of Perfume”. Think a chilled-out version of Explosions in the Sky.

Sunny Day Records is a great introduction from the Dayton, Ohio quartet. With an engaging, warm sound, they should be winning over fans in the very near future. The EP can be purchased on Bandcamp. Hear all the tracks below. “Sunny Day Records” is also on our Weekend Showcase for February 27, a playlist of new music from new bands you should get to know.

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