The Weekend Showcase returns once again with new music from some artists you should get to know. The playlist is at the bottom, but if there’s a track that you want to repeatedly hear, click on the song title. If you like what you hear from an artist, click on their name.

  • “The Game” by Orlando synth-pop duo, Priest (formerly X priest X), has the splendour and grandeur of GEMS, Lowell, and Coves. The single is from their forthcoming, debut full-length, due out later this year on Swedish label Emotion.
  • “Boris” is another single from Los Angeles indie-pop band BREAKFAST. As is their trademark, the single is catchy, groovy, and tad funky. And another trademark – they like naming tracks after people’s names. We cannot wait for when they drop their first LP and what it’ll be called.
  • “Atlas Shroomed” is a 70s-inspired, indie rock track from Santa Cruz, California’s Babewatch. We can only assume what the name means because these four guys, well, wouldn’t constitute what we consider to be “babes”, but then again who cares when you’re making such great indie rock.
  • “Shot to the Wall” sees UK duo COVES take a slightly different approach for their awesome debut album, Soft Friday, which was one of our favourite albums of 2014. It’s less synth-pop and more indie pop-rock, but it retains the same ethereal elements that blew us away on their full-length. “Shot to the Wall” will be on their forthcoming EP, due out May.
  • “Lisa Sawyer” is the latest track from future star, Leon Bridges. The native of Fort Worth, Texas has blown people away with his soul, blues, and gospel mix, which is on display on this lovely track.
  • “Prince of Slackers” is the lead single from Turn to Crime‘s debut full-length album, Actions, which will be released on April 28 via Mogg & Bopp Records. The track resonates with the cool indie rock of Dinosaur, Jr. It’s a lo-fi, down-tempo, groovy track. Check. It. Out!
  • “The Waves” is the stunning new single from singer-songwriter-producer Meeka Kates, who has spent time in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Lyon, France, where he finished mixing this track that echos with the lushness of Bon Iver and S. Carey.
  • “Ladybird” is the debut single from London-based Beach Baby, who are four guys that make some dreamy indie pop with hints of Lord Huron. The track has received a lot of attention in the UK, and it will likely make its way through the indie world on this side of the pond.
  • “Sunny Day Records” is from the self-titled, debut EP by Dayton, Ohio quartet Babbling April. The track starts off with some edgy guitar work before settling into a summery, Yo La Tengo, indie-pop feel. The single might make you long for warm spring days (it does for us). To hear more tracks from the EP, click on the song title.
  • “Comfortable Lieis from Sydney, Australia’s dream-pop quartet Why We Run. Be prepared to be swept away as you hear this track. Watch the video by clicking on the song title.
  • “Colors” is the lead single and title track from Michael Armstrong‘s debut album. The folk-rock track has hints of Sufjan Stevens. You can see the song’s video, which debuted yesterday, at the individual link (click on the song title).
  • “Sweet Satisfaction” is the second single from Ryley Walker‘s forthcoming album, Primose Green, which is due out March 31 on Dead Oceans. It’s a slow burner of a rocker that gradually escalates with some superb guitar work and mash up of percussion and guitars.
  • “Heart of Winter” is the new single from Hello Heart, a young quartet from Owatonna, Minnesota who make dreamy indie-folk. The group is expected to release two EPs this year with the first set for release in April.
  • “Doors” is the tender, vulnerable indie-folk tune from Kathleen Murray, the singer-songwriter currently based in Seattle. She released her debut album, Woodland Voices, last summer, and it’s filled with touching folk tunes that will melt your head. Click on the song title to hear more tracks from the album.
  • “Animalia” is from UK singer-songwriter Mvrie Celeste, who has dabbled in EDM, alternative, punk, indie rock, you name it. This single is best described as electronic-indie rock or synth-rock, and it will be part of her forthcoming EP, due out in May.
  • “Girl on Fire” is from Vienna, Austria-based band Chick Quest. The catchy, zany single could be something that the Violent Femmes could have tackled if they were writing music for a spaghetti western. The single is from their forthcoming, new album, Vs. Galore, which will be out April 20.
  • “Evaporate” is the ethereal, dream-pop track that comes from a collaboration between Belize producers Allegories and MEAGHA. Not much is known about these two musicians, but with a stirring track like this the sky is the limit.
  • “Rosehip” by Sweden’s Polar Bear & King is a dream-folk song that is quite mesmerizing. The single was released by Swedish digital label, 100 Songs, which only releases singles and many of them as brilliant as this tune. You might hear a touch of Fleet Foxes in the song.


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