In 2012, Nashville-based Andrew Combs released the fantastic Worried Man, full of great country & folk tracks. Today, the 28-year old songwriter releases All These Dreams, his second LP. Combs has an incredible knack for storytelling and creating atmosphere with his songs. The songs sound like they’re from a time capsule. They’re not quite country, not quite folk, but always warm and inviting, even when the subject matter isn’t.

The first track on the album is a sweet country ballad, “Nothing To Lose”, featuring some gorgeous pedal steel and harmonies.  The next track, “Foolin’”, is one of the southern rockers on this record, along with “Long Gone Lately” and the badass rocker “Month of Bad Habits”. Combs creates an atmosphere with “Pearl”, from his lyrical imagery, to the perfect instrumentation and harmonies.

There are also some fantastic folky tracks, like “Strange Bird”, and the classic forgotten country feeling of the title track, “All These Dreams”. All These Dreams also features a couple of stunning ballads – the piano-led “In The Name Of You” and the flooring “Slow Road to Jesus”.

All These Dreams is a gorgeous LP by a songwriter that knows how to create a feeling throughout a record. Andrew Combs is a songwriter at the top of his game, and writing some really incredible music. While Combs doesn’t exactly fit into the country or folk mold, his music does quench the desire for some of the great, seemingly forgotten country music of the past.  From beginning to end, All These Dreams is a captivating record, which you can pick up today on iTunes.

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Andrew Combs

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